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Scope of Discovery: Privileges

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 California Civil Procedure
California Discovery
Volume 005

Scope of Discovery CCP 2017
Limitation On The Scope of Discovery
Chapter 003:  Evidence Code Definitions


The following are the definitions  of terms applicable to the privileges
in the California Evidence Code.

SECTION 900-905

900.  Unless the provision or context otherwise requires, the
definitions in this chapter govern the construction of this division.
  They do not govern the construction of any other division.

901.  "Proceeding" means any action, hearing, investigation,
inquest, or inquiry (whether conducted by a court, administrative
agency, hearing officer, arbitrator, legislative body, or any other
person authorized by law) in which, pursuant to law, testimony can be
compelled to be given.

902.  "Civil proceeding" means any proceeding except a criminal

903.  "Criminal proceeding" means:
   (a) A criminal action; and
   (b) A proceeding pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section
3060) of Chapter 7 of Division 4 of Title 1 of the Government Code to
determine whether a public officer should be removed from office for
willful or corrupt misconduct in office.

905.  "Presiding officer" means the person authorized to rule on a
claim of privilege in the proceeding in which the claim is made.


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