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1986 Discovery Act

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 California Civil Procedure
California Discovery
1986 Discovery Act Code Provisions
 California Code of Civil Procedure Section 2033.5


California Code of Civil Procedure Section 2033.5

2033.5.  (a) The Judicial Council shall develop and approve official
form interrogatories and requests for admission of the genuineness
of any relevant documents or of the truth of any relevant matters of
fact for use in any civil action in a state court based on personal
injury, property damage, wrongful death, unlawful detainer, breach of
contract, family law, or fraud and for any other civil actions the
Judicial Council deems appropriate.  Use of the approved form
interrogatories and requests for admission shall be  optional.
   (b) In developing the form interrogatories and requests for
admission required by this section, the Judicial Council shall
consult with a representative advisory committee which shall include,
but not be limited to, representatives of the plaintiff's bar, the
defense bar, the public interest bar, court administrators, and the
public.  The form interrogatories and requests for admission shall be
drafted in nontechnical language and shall be made available through
the office of the clerk of the appropriate trial court.
   (c) The Judicial Council also shall promulgate any necessary rules
to govern the use of the form interrogatories and requests for
   (d) The Judicial Council shall develop and approve official form
interrogatories for use by a victim who has not received complete
payment of a restitution order made pursuant to Section 1202.4 of the
Penal Code.
   (e) Notwithstanding whether a victim initiates or maintains an
action to satisfy the unpaid restitution order, a victim may propound
the form interrogatories approved pursuant to this section once each
calendar year.  The defendant subject to the restitution order
shall, in responding to the interrogatories propounded, provide
current information regarding the nature, extent, and location of any
assets, income, and liabilities in which the defendant claims a
present or future interest.
   (f) This section shall become operative on January 1, 2000.


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